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fish oil for dogs

The Ground-Breaking Formula That Supports Your Pet Inside & Out

You’re on this page right now because you care deeply about your pet. You want them to be as healthy and happy as they can.

And, you don’t want to live with any guilt that you haven’t done everything you can to make that so. That’s why you’re about to discover something few other pet owners in Australia know about.
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  • It’s a simple, natural product that helps promote healthier skin and a softer shinier coat…
  • Boosts brain function, heart health and eye function…
  • Improves joint mobility and other inflammatory conditions…
  • And most importantly gives your dog – or cat – the energy and vitality that will help them live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Premium Fish Oil For Dogs & Cats

Boost your dog’s health, vitality and wellbeing with high quality SALPET fish oil for dogs. Made from premium Atlantic salmon from the crystal clear waters of Tasmania, SALPET salmon based products may give your canine friends the extra help they need to stay fit, agile and healthy throughout all the stages of their life.

High Quality Fish Oil for Dogs

Perfect for dogs of all ages, from puppies right through to senior dogs, our pure and natural Tasmanian salmon oil supplement provides a healthy dose of the Omega fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are so vital for keeping your furry friend active, happy and well.

In addition to giving your dog a healthy dose of Omega fatty acids, SALPET marine supplements for dogs provide extra protein to help build muscle and maintain a strong and healthy immune system. This makes them an excellent all-round supplement for dogs of all ages, all breeds and all sizes.

Just look at the benefits of giving your dog SALPET salmon fish oil:

  • Helps to improve your dog’s overall health and wellness
  • Provides extra support for your dog’s skin, coat, joints, bones, heart, brain and eyes
  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune function
  • Provides a tasty, healthy treat for your pooch

Fish oils for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs

Ensuring that your dog gets the dietary support it needs is easy with SALPET salmon-based products; especially as the convenient and tasty supplements are easy to incorporate into your dog’s daily diet. Simply add the required number of teaspoons of fish oil to your dog’s food in line with the directions on the pack.

A daily dose of SALPET fish oil may provide benefits to dogs of all ages, including:

  • Pregnant and nursing dogs, to ensure their puppies get the best possible start
  • Dogs with sensitive skin
  • Active dogs, especially working dogs
  • Older dogs with arthritis or stiff joints

And, as our salmon fish oil for dogs tastes and smells just like salmon, it’s easy to get your dog to take their supplements as most dogs absolutely love the taste.

However, to ensure that the supplement is suitable for your pet, we suggest that you start with a decreased dosage (approximately one third of the recommended daily amount) when giving SALPET fish oil to your dog for the first time. The dosage can be increased gradually until your dog is on the prescribed dose for their weight.

No matter how much your dog enjoys our fishy salmon oil, don’t be tempted give them more than the recommended daily amount, and only add the oil to your dog’s food once a day.

The First salmon oil for dogs available in Australia

SALPET marine based dog supplements are unique in Australia in that they are the first Tasmanian salmon oil supplements for dogs in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you treated your dog to SALPET fish oil?

It’s the tasty treat for dogs that does them good too!

Premium fish oil for cats

Give your precious pussy a head start in life with a premium fish oil supplement from SALPET. We offer the only salmon fish oil for cats in Australia, which is made from Atlantic salmon from the crystal clear waters of Tasmania. Containing all the goodness of Omega fatty acids, combined with high quality protein, it’s the perfect way to help your furry friend stay healthy, fit, agile and happy.

SALPET salmon oil for cats is ideal for cats and kittens of all ages. Whether you’re looking to supplement the diet of a pregnant or nursing female or you need to give your aging cat an extra boost of nutritious goodness, you’ll find that our premium fish oil supplements fit the bill perfectly.

Packed full of healthy Omega 3, 6 and 9, they offer an extra level of nutrition, combined with the delicious fishy taste of salmon.

Just some of the benefits of supplementing your cat’s diet with SALPET fish oil for cats:

  • An added nutritional boost for overall health, vitality and wellness
  • Extra support for skin, coat, bones and joints
  • Help to support and maintain heart, brain and eye health
  • Support and maintenance for a healthy immune system

The fish oil supplement cats can’t get enough of

Cats of all ages will benefit from a regular daily dose of SALPET salmon fish oil. It’s an easy, tasty and convenient way to give your cat an extra measure of protein combined with those all-important healthy Omega fatty acids. With its natural fishy smell and flavour, SALPET fish oil is more than just a high quality nutritional supplement – it’s a tasty treat that your cat will find hard to resist.

Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles, our salmon oil should be added to your cat’s normal food according to the directions on the pack. However, we do recommend that when you introduce the fish oil to your cat’s diet for the first time, you reduce the dosage to approximately one third of the recommended daily amount.

Plus, a word of warning – no matter how much your cat may plead with you for more – don’t exceed the daily dosage and don’t give your cat fish oil more than once a day. Too much of a good thing may be bad for them!

Australian salmon oil for cats of all ages

Our SALPET fish oil is perfect for cats in all stages of their lives, but may prove especially beneficial for:

  • Pregnant or nursing females
  • Kittens – to give them the best start in life
  • Cats with sensitive skin
  • Older cats with stiff joints

So, if you really care about giving your cat the nutritional help it needs to live a long, healthy and active life, you may want to try boosting your cat’s diet with our premium quality SALPET fish oil. It’s the only salmon fish oil supplement for cats in Australia that’s produced entirely from Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon.

Give your cat the purrfect fish oil supplement. Order your SALPET fish oil today.

Need to contact SALPET?

SalPet supplies a range of natural pet supplements for your pets. Check out our range of dog supplements & cat supplements as well as salmon oil for dogs & salmon oil for cats.

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salmon fish oil for pets
salmon fish oil for dogs
fish oil for dogs australia

Introducing Australia’s First Tasmanian Salmon Oil Supplement For Dogs & Cats

SALPET Salmon Oil is a specifically formulated supplement, tailor-made for your pet. Made exclusively from Atlantic Salmon sourced from the crystal clear deep ocean waters of Southern Tasmania.

You may not know that dogs and cats CAN’T product essential Omega fatty acids or Taurine, and MUST source these from their diet. You may also not know that you can only find Omega 3 long chain fatty acids (DHA & EPA) in marine animals like Salmon. This is proven to be more effective than less potent, plant-based Omega 3 short chain fatty acids (ALA).

As a great source of Omega 3, SALPET Salmon Oil helps your pet in four key ways…

SALPET helps your pet in four key ways.

  1. SALPET produces a noticeable improvement in your pet’s skin, and the softness and shininess of their coat — so they’ll look and feel their absolute best.
  2. It supports their joint mobility and agility to keep them walking, and running, for longer.
  3. It supports brain development in young cats and dogs… and brain function in more senior animals.
  4. SALPET’s Salmon Oil also helps support your pet’s heart health and eye function.

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Why SALPET Gives Your Canine Or Feline Companion A Superior Boost

Some pet owners already use Omega 3 supplements like fish oil tablets or plant substitutes – or they buy and cook fresh salmon for their cat or dog!

But, now it’s easier than ever to give your pet the huge benefits of Omega 3 rich salmon. SALPET sources the salmon from Southern Tasmania’s pristine waters, and refines it into an oil supplement that’s perfect for your pet.

Benefits of this natural product include…

  • Helps Protect Against Heart Issues
  • Supports Joint Mobility And Stronger Bones
  • Promotes Healthier Skin, And A Shinier, Softer Coat
  • Boosts Brain Function And Energy Levels
  • Assists With Eye Function
salmon fish oil for pets
No Other Pet Health Supplement Gives Your Pet This Level Of Health And Wellness Support

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fish oil of dogs

Before You Buy From SALPET, We’ll Give You Our 5 Little-Known Techniques GUARANTEED To Make Your Pet Happier & Healthier For FREE

salmon oil for pets

A supplement like SALPET goes a long way to giving your cat or dog the support it needs to look and feel great.

But if you’re like us, you’re not content to simply feed your pet a supplement and leave them to it. You’re a team, or maybe they’re part of the family.

That’s why you should download and read our FREE report – ‘5 Little-Known Techniques For A Happier & Healthier Pet’. It gives you five simple ways to make sure your cat or dog looks and feels both health and happy!

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    How Does SALPET Transform The Health Of Your Pet?

    salmon fish oil and omega 3 oil for dogs in Australia
    Sourced From Southern Tasmania’s Crystal Clear Ocean Waters
    fish oil tablets for dogs
    Refined Into Omega 3 Rich Oil That’s Perfect For Your Pet
    omega 3 fish oil for dogs
    Simply Add Oil Supplement Into Your Pet’s Wet Or Dry Food
    salmon fish oil for cats
    Watch Your Pet Thrive – Looking & Feeling Their Very Best
    salmon fish oil for dogs and cats

    They’ll Love The Taste. You’ll Love Seeing The Benefits.

    SALPET is not available at this price anywhere else in Australia. We’ve formulated it especially for pet owners who truly care about their animal.

    And we’ve only produced a small batch, so that we can determine how much demand there is before we launch into large-scale production.

    If you’re reading this now, it means we still have stock to ship.

    And if you’re seeing a timer, it means you can get SALPET at our special introductory price.

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    fish oil for dogs australia

    See What Our Customers Are Saying

    “My dog can now already roam around the yard without coming back with a rash on her stomach area. No more having to buy antibiotics at the vet that cost us $150 each time! Thanks SALPET, much appreciated!”

    Helena, Northern Territory

    “I bought a smaller bottle of this from your company at the Dog Lovers Show Melb in May this year and my dog LOVES it! I’ve run out and he refuses to eat his dinner now because it doesn’t have his favourite oil in it!
    It’s really helped his skin too, he’s nowhere near as itchy as he was before I started him on it!
    The small bottle, which I think was either 200ml or 250ml lasts a long time also, as I’ve only just finished that small bottle yesterday! It helps that he’s a tiny 2.5kg Silky Terrier!!
    I highly recommend this product!! Thanks so much

    Sarah (and Mason the dog!), Victoria

    “I show and breed Havanese and have never had their coats looking so healthy and shiny and they have such a lovely texture. I am so glad I found you guys at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show and tried a sample as since then, we haven't looked back.”

    Kimberly, Victoria

    “We met at this years dog lovers show and bought the salmon oil. Our Leonberger has been a fussy eater. And since putting her on she finishes her food every morning and night. Her coat is so shiny when brushing her its so much easier to get through her under coat. Thank you this has been a life saver!! Bella is one happy pooch

    Kirstie, Victoria

    “Thanks Salpet! I’m impressed! My fussy Cavoodle doesn’t normally eat fishy things but she loves this drizzled over her food. Wasn’t eating her home made lamb mince/veg mix today so I drizzled alittle over her food and wow she ate heaps! So happy I got some at the dog lovers show to try!”

    Vanessa, Victoria

    “Thanks Gregg,

    I bought your product for my rescue Greyhound ‘Minnie’. She had terrible dandruff when I got her. Literally within a week of using the Salpet the dandruff had decreased significantly. Hard to believe but true. Her dandruff was virtually totally gone within 2 weeks.
    She laps it up each night from a bowl and has a beautiful coat. Thanks for a great product, I couldn’t be happier.

    All the best

    Deborah NSW
    salmon oil for dogs australia
    Our Promise

    A Healthier Pet In 30 Days Or SALPET Is FREE

    We’ve developed SALPET to give serious pet owners a superior way to care for their cat or dog.

    We’re 100% convinced that you’ll notice a happier, healthier pet in just 30 days of using our supplements. That’s why you can try SALPET today completely risk free.

    Order it today, and if you’re not fully happy with the results within 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

    salmon fish oil for dogs
    200mL SALPET Tasmanian Salmon Oil

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    How Much Does Your Pet Need To Get The Full SALPET Benefits?

    Use this table to make sure you order the perfect amount of SALPET to help your pet feel the full benefit!

    For your animal to experience the full benefits of SALPET, you can also try our other products listed on our products page.

    Not Ready To Experience A Product That Will Change Your Pet’s Life?

    Get in touch with our team to chat about how SALPET’s Tasmanian Salmon Oil and other products will work for your pet.

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