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Discover SALPET, Australia’s Only 100% Natural Tasmanian Salmon Omega 3 Supplements Approved By Dogs & Cats

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Better Quality of Life for Pets with Supplements

If you love your pets, you’ll want them to have a long and healthy life. There are many things we can’t see coming, but one thing you can do, and one of the best ways to prevent many illnesses in your pet, is to get them nutritional supplements.

Dietary supplements keep your pet in the best possible health by making sure their diet doesn’t lack any essential or trace elements. This can improve their heart, brain, and eye functions, as well as have them looking their best. Supplements can increase their overall health and energy, and will keep them happy and by your side for as long as possible.
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Natural Pet Store

Everyone knows that natural nutrition sources are much better and safer than artificial nutrition sources.

Those who care about making sure they stay healthy will make as much effort as they can to ensure they are getting their nutrition supplementation from nature as much as they can, and limiting the amount of artificial products they consume.

What many people don’t realise is that it’s equally important for pets and animals to get their nutrition from natural sources, and it may be the case that it’s even more important for them than it is for us. Humans have had years to adapt to artificial additives, but animals are still evolved for the natural world.

SALPET cares about animal nutrition. It is our primary business, and we are passionate about promoting the benefits of natural nutrition.

Natural products that boost health naturally

SALPET nutrition supplements for pets are made from 100 percent natural ingredients with no artificial additives. If it’s not found in nature, it’s not found in our products, simple as that.

Don’t imagine, though, that because they’re simple natural products it means they are less effective. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Our supplements are natural, formulated to provide peak nutrition for dogs and cats, and will do a much better job than artificial products.

About the SALPET range

SALPET products are made from natural Tasmanian salmon. The main products available for now are protein powder and salmon oil. Both of these are excellent for dogs and cats alike. but if you have any doubt always consult a veterinary professional for advice

Another important thing about the SALPET range is these products are guaranteed to produce noticeable results in your pets or you can get a refund. Therefore you have nothing to lose by giving SALPET a try, and your pets are going to love it.

Why these products?

Protein is the most essential nutrient for life. It doesn’t get anywhere near the attention it deserves. Of course protein intake needs to be carefully monitored, but the simple truth is that hardly anyone gets sufficient dietary protein these days, and that includes pets.

Most pet food manufacturers are all about making their products as cheaply as possible, which means protein levels are often far too low to meet the needs of pets in the recommended feeding amounts.

However, over-feeding pets can be just as bad, because the levels of fat, carbohydrates, and various questionable ingredients could then be out of balance to much, resulting in bloating, obesity, flatulence, lethargy, and other problems.

The answer to all of these problems is to use our SALPET protein powder made from natural Tasmania salmon. This high quality protein contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids to promote optimal health.

Our salmon oil is also very important. It is very economical for the average pet, and is simply added to their normal food. One pack will go a long way.

This helps improve cardiovascular health, reduces problems related to joint pain and inflammation, helps maintain healthy bones, promotes a shiny coat, and healthy skin and may even stimulate mental alertness.

You have nothing to lose by giving,SALPET your natural pet store, a go so order yours today and see what a difference it makes for your pets.

SalPet supplies a range of natural pet supplements for your pets. Check out our range of dog supplements & cat supplements as well as salmon oil for dogs & salmon oil for cats.

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salmon fish oil for pets
salmon fish oil for dogs
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Tasmanian Salmon for SALPET, The New Supplement for Cats and Dogs

Try SALPET’s Omega 3 pet supplement, made from Tasmanian salmon sourced off Southern Tasmanian shores. Not only will this supplement improve your pet’s health, but it will provide essential Omega 3 that your pet cannot produce in their own body.

Omega 3 has been shown to help animals young and old by improving eyes and heart health, as well as aiding in brain development and joint health. It also makes your pet’s coat softer and more glossy and their skin healthier and smoother.

The Omega 3 contained in this Tasmanian Salmon supplement are long chain fatty acids, which are proven to be a more effective alternative than plant-based short chain fatty acids.

SALPET helps your pet in four key ways.

  1. SALPET produces a noticeable improvement in your pet’s skin, and the softness and shininess of their coat — so they’ll look and feel their absolute best.
  2. It supports their joint mobility and agility to keep them walking, and running, for longer.
  3. It supports brain development in young cats and dogs… and brain function in more senior animals.
  4. SALPET’s Salmon Oil also helps support your pet’s heart health and eye function.

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Omega 3 from SALPET, A Health Boost For Your Pets

In the deep ocean waters off the coast of Southern Tasmania are Tasmanian salmon. These fish are well known and regarded for their taste and nutritional content. They are a rich source of Omega 3, and SALPET is the only pet supplement made from 100% Australian Tasmanian salmon.

Omega 3 can improve your pet’s health in many ways, and marine animal sourced Omega 3 is proven to be more effective than plant-based Omega 3 sources.

Benefits of this natural product include…

  • Helps Protect Against Heart Issues
  • Supports Joint Mobility And Stronger Bones
  • Promotes Healthier Skin, And A Shinier, Softer Coat
  • Boosts Brain Function And Energy Levels
  • Assists With Eye Function
salmon fish oil for pets
No Other Pet Health Supplement Gives Your Pet This Level Of Health And Wellness Support

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Tips and Tricks For A Healthier Pet

salmon oil for pets

SALPET supplements are well worth adding to your pet’s diet if you haven’t already. They boost health and improve happiness for dogs and cats alike.

Not only that, but if you check out our website, you’ll find a free report on ‘5 Little-Known Techniques For A Happier & Healthier Pet’ that will boost your knowledge of pet care and help you help your pet.

Download the report now, and see the benefits.

    SALPET Has Been On Display At…

    fish oil for dogs
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    How Does SALPET Transform The Health Of Your Pet?

    salmon fish oil and omega 3 oil for dogs in Australia
    Sourced From Southern Tasmania’s Crystal Clear Ocean Waters
    fish oil tablets for dogs
    Refined Into Omega 3 Rich Oil That’s Perfect For Your Pet
    omega 3 fish oil for dogs
    Simply Add Oil Supplement Into Your Pet’s Wet Or Dry Food
    salmon fish oil for cats
    Watch Your Pet Thrive – Looking & Feeling Their Very Best
    salmon fish oil for dogs and cats

    Easier Health for your Pets

    With only a small batch of SALPET available, and at a special introductory price, you’ll want to get it fast. SALPET is a dietary supplement for pets that makes it easier to keep them healthy and happy.

    We’re expecting to run out soon, so don’t hesitate. This specially formulated supplement might be exactly what your pet needs to get their energy levels and health up to optimal standards.

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    fish oil for dogs australia

    See What Our Customers Are Saying

    “My dog can now already roam around the yard without coming back with a rash on her stomach area. No more having to buy antibiotics at the vet that cost us $150 each time! Thanks SALPET, much appreciated!”

    Helena, Northern Territory

    “Our dog Maxine suffers from dry skin. Since using SALPET Salmon Oil we’ve noticed a marked improvement in her condition and her coat is much softer and shinier as well!”

    Julie, Victoria

    “Toby, our beloved rescue dog that we’ve had for two years, is getting a bit older and stiffer. So, we decided to try SALPET Salmon Oil which really helped! Toby is more mobile with much more energy!”

    Emma, ACT
    salmon oil for dogs australia
    Our Promise

    SALPET Will Improve Your Pet’s Life

    We’re so sure that SALPET will improve your pet’s health, physically and mentally, that we’re offering a full money back guarantee to all customers. If you or your pet aren’t happy with SALPET, then we will offer you a full refund, no questions asked.

    salmon fish oil for dogs
    200mL SALPET Tasmanian Salmon Oil

    Now $24.95

    (+$5 Shipping For One-Time Purchase)

    salmon fish oil for dogs
    500mL SALPET Tasmanian Salmon Oil

    Now $39.95

    (+$5 Shipping For One-Time Purchase)

    How Much Does Your Pet Need To Get The Full SALPET Benefits?

    Use this table to make sure you order the perfect amount of SALPET to help your pet feel the full benefit!

    Pet Weight Daily Amount
    Less than 5 kg 2.5ml or 1/2 teaspoon
    5 to 15 kg 5.0ml or 1 teaspoon
    15 to 30 kg 10.0ml or 2 teaspoons
    Over 30 kg 15.0ml or 3 teaspoons

    For your animal to experience the full benefits of SALPET, you can also try our other products listed on our products page.

    Not Ready To Experience A Product That Will Change Your Pet’s Life?

    Get in touch with our team to chat about how SALPET’s Tasmanian Salmon Oil and other products will work for your pet.

      30-Day Money Back Guarantee